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Bitrhday Wishes
Funny birthday wishes
Bijdrage Leveren


  • Engelstalige Verjaardagsteksten

Sending a cart load of good wishes your way
To wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Your birthday is the perfect time
to say I am glad, you're a friend of mine

There are so many things I want to tell you,,
One thing I say say you on this moment:
Habby Birthday !!

This wish for a Happy Birthday
brings more love than words can say
Love that holds you close in thought
and close in heart each day

Many warm and special thoughts
and happy wishes too
are coming with this greeting
especially for you!

With wishes and kisses
and lots of hugs too
as everyone celebrates
.... years-old YOU


Happy Birthday!
I wish you lots and lots of happiness.
I love you very much.

You are very special,

but you'll soon be all grown up.
So dream big dreams and
work hard to make them true.
I know you can do it, I have faith in you.
Just remember if you need me,
call and I'll be there,
and no matter where you are,
you'll still be in my heart.

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